209,00 $

Where the JRS BOOM hockey stick excels:

  • One piece 100% 18K Carbon hockey stick
  • One of the lightest hockey sticks on the market at only 385 grams
  • 3D texture blade treatmentSuperior puck feel on the stick
  • 25% sharper shot
  • Faster puck handling
  • Increased shot accuracy
  • Stick height 66 inch
JRS BOOM senior hockey stick with a height of 66 inch and a weight of 385 grams.
The JRS BOOM is one piece. This 100% carbon hockey stick is made from 18k carbon which boasts the highest resistance to softening. This allows the JRS BOOM hockey stick to retain its properties for a long time and is always ready for the sharpest and most accurate shots. Thanks to new technologies, it has been possible to achieve a 25% acceleration of the shot and increase the feel of the puck on the blade.
The shaft is angled for a perfect grip and better feel in the hand. A senior grip is used to keep the stick from spinning when shooting.