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Benefits of JR HOCKEY sticks new generation:

  • One piece 100% 18k carbon
  • Blade Pattern P92 (Sakic)
  • Grip – Unique JR GRIP for young players
  • Blade sand effect
  • Size of shaft perfect fits to juniors. Junior size
  • Unique JR GRIP for young players.
  • 25% harder shot.
  • Faster hands by stickhandling
  • Shooting accuracy
  • the lightest ice hockey stick on the market 10 ounces
  • length 52 inches

This hockey stick is ideal FOR PLAYERS weighing up to 51 pound and measuring up to 52 inches.
Thanks to the JR20 WITH FLEX 20 hockey stick, young hockey players will get the right habits they need. It is also an ideal helper for shooting and handling the puck.